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Patient Prescription Request Form

  1. Once the prescription request form is completed, your doctor will advise within 5 business days if a consultation is required to prescribe your child's medication - this is dependent on when your last consultation was and the type of medication being issued (as is for government-regulated medicines). This is according to Medicare's regulations and guidelines.
  2. If a consultation is not required, your doctor will prepare your prescription within approximately 5 business days, depending on their availability, and this will be sent to you as an e-script or hard-copy. This will incur a minimum fee of $40, which is dependent on your doctor's discretion.
  3. If your child requires a government-regulated medicine and your current doctor is absent, please note that a full initial consultation is required to be booked with another doctor and waiting lists are extensive (>6 months). This is according to Medicare's regulations and guidelines.
Please tick the box below to agree and proceed with your prescritpion request.

I have understood and agree with the above information provided