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Comprehensive Paediatric Services at a Single Location

Our team consists of carefully selected highly skilled paediatric specialists and allied health professionals, experienced paediatric nurses who all excel in their respective fields and work seamlessly together sharing our vision to deliver all-inclusive paediatric treatments in a friendly, supportive and safe environment.

Highly Skilled Specialists

Our team consists of carefully selected highly skilled paediatric specialists and allied health professionals.

Child Friendly Clinic

Consulting rooms that are imaginatively-themed to create a calming, comforting atmsphere for children.

Local Educational Hub

A local educational hub, sharing our medical knowledge and resources to empower out local community of medical professionals.

Qualified Doctors

Team of Doctors qualified in variety of fields are here to help and assist your child’s health issues.

Brighton Health Clinic for Kids

At Brighton Health Clinic for Kids, our experienced paediatricians and professional allied health staff work together and share our vision to manage a wide range of clinical problems as a multidisciplinary team in one location. Our team consists of 17 clinicians and continues to grow.  We have general paediatric clinics and MDT clinics such as unsettled baby clinics, weight management clinics and ASD assessment clinics.

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Dr James Mulvany

Dr James Mulvany

General Paediatrician

Dr. Mulvany applies an evidence based, family centred approach towards his consultations and is experienced in a wide range of issues including : Newborn & infant health, Poor weight gain, feeding issues, Asthma, eczema, Developmental concerns, Behavioural problems, ADHD, Autistic spectrum disorders.

Dr. Barry Kras - Paediatric Clinic

Dr Barry Kras

General Paediatrician

Dr. Barry Kras's areas of interest include ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder and associated Developmental and Behavioural problems and participates in Multi-Disciplinary assessments of children and adolescents with these issues.

Dr Betty Messazos

Dr Betty Messazos

General Paediatrician

Dr Betty sees children of all ages with acute and chronic issues, with a clinical interest in growth, behaviour, neurodevelopment, feeding, sleep and continence issues. She has fellowship training in paediatric endocrinology with experience in managing puberty, stature, thyroid disorders and childhood obesity.

Dr Carly Debinski

Dr Carly Debinski

Paediatric Neurologist

Dr Carly is a qualified Paediatric Neurologist who enjoys caring for children of all ages, with a broad range of neurological issues; including epilepsy, headache and migraine, developmental delay, genetic and neurometabolic conditions. She is passionate about ensuring that families feel well informed and supported.

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