Paediatric Fees

Current Paediatric Fees

It is parent’s/patient’s responsibility to make sure they have a current/valid referral from a GP for each visit to be eligible to claim Medicare rebates as also it is clinically important for the doctors to have the information they need.

If parent/patient fail to attend an appointment and/or do not give more than 72 hours’ notice of cancellation, then may be charged a non- attendance fee as per clinic’s policy from 50% – 100% of the consultation fees.

The cost of the consultation is above the Medicare schedule fee, which means that parent/patient will incur an out of pocket expense and parent/patient am responsible for payment of all services rendered on their behalf and on behalf of their dependents regardless of the length of the consultation. Parent/patient agree to pay the account in full at the time of the consultation as per table below.

The duration of the telehealth appt or face to face might vary from 5min to 50min depending on the type of the consultation but the fees are not related to the length but to the type of the services provided to parent/patient.

The full private fees for telehealth or face to face appts including Medicare Rebate (if eligible) can vary from $190 to $550 depending on the type of consultation (some may be eligible for bulk-billing subject to clinician’s discretion)

Payment in advance might be required for all type of consultations for which you will be advised when you make the booking. In case the appt will not proceed for any reason the full amount of money will be refunded (unless enough notice has not been provided at least 24hours prior of the appointment then cancellation fees will apply)

Paediatric Fees