Dr Chamilka Edirisinghe

General Paediatrician



As a seasoned and dedicated General Paediatrician, my passion lies in the realms of behavioral and developmental Paediatrics. With an extensive career spanning over two decades, I have had the privilege of working closely with children from the delicate stages of newborns up to the pivotal age of 18. My professional philosophy revolves around providing holistic care for children, emphasizing collaboration with families and schools.

My approach is rooted in a profound understanding of the unique needs of each child and their families. I believe in comprehensive care that extends beyond the immediate medical concerns, encompassing the overall well-being of the child. Timely intervention is a cornerstone of my practice, ensuring that children receive the support they require at critical stages of their development.

Collaboration with families and schools is integral to my work ethic. By involving all stakeholders, I strive to create a supportive ecosystem that nurtures the growth and development of each child under my care. Recognizing the importance of mental and physical well-being, I am committed to promoting both aspects to foster a healthy and thriving childhood.

As a caring and empathetic individual, I draw upon my wealth of experience in Paediatrics in Sri Lanka , England and Australia ,to bring about a service that goes beyond medical expertise. It is my belief that a combination of medical knowledge, empathy, and collaboration forms the foundation for providing the best possible care for my patients. Through my continuous dedication to pediatric care, I aim to contribute positively to the well-being and development of the children entrusted to my care.